Sugared Bones Sweet Talk

Sugared Bones Sweet Talk

What Treats will you find here..

Sugared Bones Accessories, news, new collections, lots of photos and insights into the world of Sugared Bones!

I want to start posting style blogs matching Sugared Bones Jewellery with looks and other brands I think are great in Co-Ords :)

Sugared Bones provides well made Jewellery with quality supplies using silver plated and nickel and lead free findings as well as semi precious stones and one off parts.

I can also make commission pieces and customise existing ones, just ask! :)


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Product FeaturePosted by Ebony Wed, January 22, 2014 15:49:41
So looking back at 2013 here are the Sugared Bones Best Selling pieces... what do you think?

Giant Flower double row skull bracelet in red/black/white

Dark Bloom, gothic monochrome flower and skull necklace.

Glitter Skull Creepy Cute Hair Clips one Pair , Your choice of colour and decoration.

Weeping Rose, red and black necklace with chain accents. Creepy Cute, Goth.

Totem Skull Monochrome earrings, creepy cute goth style.

Glitter Moth Pendant with skull droplet detail, fantasy glam.

Metal Dangle Chain earrings with Skull or Spider features, Creepy Cute Goth.

Rosa Red Bracelet with Silver cross charms.

Creepy Cute Bright Resin Rose Ring on Filigree Silver base.

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More items added to the On Sale section of the shop...

Competitions and SalesPosted by Ebony Sat, January 18, 2014 14:13:10
More Items on Sale!

Come and check them out...


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New Style categories on the shop index

My ThoughtsPosted by Ebony Sat, January 18, 2014 14:11:44
Today I added six style categories to the index Navigation on the main shop site:

I added Goth, Lolita, Pastel, Street-style, Pin-up and Glam as these are the styles I think fit Sugared Bones creations the most and targets of my inspiration.

Iam hoping that this will create an easier naviation for people who see lots of different styles and types of Jewellery o my site.

Sugared Bones has always been about appealing to everyone who stands under the Alternative culture umbrella and also breaking away from certain stereo-types.

Goths do not only have to wear black jewellery for instance, you can have creepy colourful goth Jewellery, I should know I make it and wear it!

I hope you enjoy the new categories :)

Ebony x

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Model Feature: Jazzmin Jolly

Photoshoot ImagesPosted by Ebony Fri, January 17, 2014 10:07:11

This is Jazzmin she is an amazing, diverse model from the USA who has a huge catalogue of cute Lolita, magical cosplay and cool fashion shots.

She won the Sugared Bones Accessories Sponsored Model Competition in the Lolita category back in 2013 and will soon be modelling the Jewellery from it..

She has also modeled with Sugared Bones before and created an amazing selection of diverse images to showcase the products.

And she happens to be one of the nicest, friendliest models I have ever had the pleasure to talk to :)

Check out her page: JAZZMIN

Here are some of her shots with Sugared Bones:

Copyright: Gestalt Photographs

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New: Glitter Galaxy set, sparkling nebula colours.

New JewelleryPosted by Ebony Thu, January 16, 2014 22:14:48
New! And full of bold sparkling colours, the Glitter Galaxy Star Necklace and matching Star-Shine earrings!

Handmade and available in fifteen colours as well as the nebula combination :)

Want to order them? They are not up on the website yet but email me: and I can send an invoice..



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Competitions and SalesPosted by Ebony Thu, January 16, 2014 12:37:03
If you head over the SUGARED BONES SHOP, you can find an amazing selection of items for sale, so you can grab a bargain! :)

Here is a selection of the items on sale:

Lock Heart Kawaii Pastel Pink and White Tiered Necklace with working Padlock.

Pick and Mix, Glitter Skull and Bones Collar, in Creepy Cute candy colours.

Skully Cute pendant necklace Creepy Cute skull design.

Giant bitten Glitter Skull Medallion by Sugared Bones.

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Welcome to Sugared Bones Accessories Sweet Talk!

New JewelleryPosted by Ebony Wed, January 15, 2014 22:45:14
The new Style Collection was launched at the end of 2013 and has four fantastic themed mini collections with four different styled sets in each.

Pick from Macabre, Lolita, Street Style or Pin-up for a bold alternative look to suit everyone!

You can see the current Pre-Orders for the whole lot here: STYLE COLLECTION

Which shows off the current Product photos.

COMING SOON! A bevvy of Sugared Bones Beauties will grace your screen as I showcase the modelling photos they will be sending me in the coming weeks..

THIS IS: Violet Stitch one of the Street Style Sets from the Style Collection.

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