Sugared Bones Sweet Talk

Sugared Bones Sweet Talk

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I want to start posting style blogs matching Sugared Bones Jewellery with looks and other brands I think are great in Co-Ords :)

Sugared Bones provides well made Jewellery with quality supplies using silver plated and nickel and lead free findings as well as semi precious stones and one off parts.

I can also make commission pieces and customise existing ones, just ask! :)


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Sugared Bones Trade Event!

My ThoughtsPosted by Ebony Mon, February 10, 2014 21:55:07
This Saturday Sugared Bones will be attending the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair at Sound Contol :)
Open from 11am to 5pm... It is full of amazing stalls, shows and really nice cakes!

I will be in the Burlesque Boudoir :)
Anyone who is in the Manchester area or wants a nice trip out should come and say Hi!

Here is a link to event on Facebook: EVENT

And their page: FAIR

I will also bring any of the remaining one off sets with me which are now available on the Webshop! VALENTINES SETS

Ebony x

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Charity Mini Range- In memory of Muffin

My ThoughtsPosted by Ebony Thu, February 06, 2014 13:52:38
This is a post about a personal event that has made me want to make a charity range...

So, last year in Spring something pretty horrific happened to my pets..
My sister and I cam home from work to find all our animals had been savagely killed by a Dog owned by irresponsible neighbours, it had broken into our garden, jumped up and opened the door to our conservatory and bashed into their cages to rip apart my two lovely Guinea-pigs Colonel Harry and Dorian this was terrible on its own, but our amazing and irreplaceable, unique house rabbit, Muffin had been killed by a falling cage dislodged in the attack.
It is still an immense source of personal trauma and we may never really get over losing Muffin.
We are animal lovers and I want to do something to help all the other Rabbits, Guinea-pigs and every other furry friend out there.

So I will be creating a Rabbit and Guinea-Pig themed little range of necklaces and pendants to be sold through Sugared Bones, with 60% of all the sales going to the PDSA.
Check out what they do HERE

The rest of the money will cover materials and postage which will be included in the price of each item within the UK.

I plan to have these made and up for Sale in March and I really hope my fans will love them and support the cause :)

This was Muffin:

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New Style categories on the shop index

My ThoughtsPosted by Ebony Sat, January 18, 2014 14:11:44
Today I added six style categories to the index Navigation on the main shop site:

I added Goth, Lolita, Pastel, Street-style, Pin-up and Glam as these are the styles I think fit Sugared Bones creations the most and targets of my inspiration.

Iam hoping that this will create an easier naviation for people who see lots of different styles and types of Jewellery o my site.

Sugared Bones has always been about appealing to everyone who stands under the Alternative culture umbrella and also breaking away from certain stereo-types.

Goths do not only have to wear black jewellery for instance, you can have creepy colourful goth Jewellery, I should know I make it and wear it!

I hope you enjoy the new categories :)

Ebony x

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